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About us

In 2018, Generation Hong Kong was formally established to bring Generation’s proven approach to addressing employment challenges to Hong Kong.

Generation Hong Kong conducted a study on “Bridging the gap between education and employment – How can Hong Kong successfully ready its young people for the workplace of the future?” in 2018. The study explored five main challenges faced by young people and employers in Hong Kong under the low unemployment rate at that time:

  1. A deeply-rooted societal norm that higher education is the only path to success.
  2. Our youth are not necessarily well-prepared for the coming disruptions brought about by technology and automation.
  3. A scarcity of talent, driven in part by a mismatch in the criteria used to assess candidates.
  4. Misaligned expectations between employers and employees.
  5. Employers struggle to connect with young talent in a digital age.

We are mindful that no single organization can solve the complex problem of youth unemployment alone. Generation is always looking to expand the community of partners with whom we work, including employers, charity donors, non-profit organizations, government organizations.
The integrated curriculum is designed in consultation with employers to ensure the quality of the programs (such as mentor training, student recruitment, program management, etc.). In addition to providing specific technical skills, it also focuses on the soft skills, behavioral skills and mindset trainings. Ultimately, we target to train all-round young talents to develop their long-term career in this competitive job market, as well as to provide employers with highly skilled, motivated workforce they need.

We first brought Customer Service Program, Digital Marketing Program funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust in 2018 and brought Junior Data Engineer Program as well as Front-end Web Developer Program in 2021, Guardians of the Silver Age – Eldercare Talent Training Program funded by The D.H.Chen Foundation in 2020.

About Generation

Generation is an independent nonprofit founded in 2014 by McKinsey & Company that transforms education to employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The global pandemic has led to an unprecedented surge in unemployment. Even before the pandemic, more than 75 million young adults were out of work globally, and three times as many were underemployed—and 375 million workers of all ages needed to learn new skills by 2030. At the same time, certain jobs remain in high-demand, and 40 percent of employers say a skills shortage leaves them with entry-level vacancies.

To date, more than 61,000 people have graduated from Generation programs, which prepare them for meaningful careers in 16 countries. Generation works with more than 3,500 employer partners and many implementation partners and funders.


Enable a meaningful career and sustained well-being for every person, anywhere in the world.


Transform education to employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible.


The Hong Kong Management Association – Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2019

Generation Hong Kong is honored to be the recipient of the Silver Award, at the Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2019, which recognises the achievement of exceptional efforts in achieving outstanding training and development to both individuals and organizations.

The Hong Kong Management Association - 2018/2019 Hong Kong Sustainability Award

Generation Hong Kong has been presented with the “2018/19 Hong Kong Sustainability Award – Special Recognition for Outstanding Sustainability Initiative (Economic Dimension)” by The Hong Kong Management Association in recognition of the Company’s commitment to sustainability and the creativity, innovation and active participation in enhancing the quality of service.