Talent mismatch is still a challenge in the workplace nowadays. Both employers and employees face challenges around the future of work. Hong Kong’s young people claim to be dissatisfied and uninspired by their jobs, while employers struggle to find young people with the qualifications and skills needed to fill jobs. Even after they find suitable talent, companies struggle to retain them.

Generation Hong Kong conducted a study on “Bridging the gap between education and employment – How can Hong Kong successfully ready its young people for the workplace of the future?” in 2018. The study explored five main challenges faced by young people and employers in Hong Kong under the low unemployment rate at that time:

  1. A deeply-rooted societal norm that higher education is the only path to success.
  2. Our youth are not necessarily well-prepared for the coming disruptions brought about by technology and automation.
  3. A scarcity of talent, driven in part by a mismatch in the criteria used to assess candidates.
  4. Misaligned expectations between employers and employees.
  5. Employers struggle to connect with young talent in a digital age.



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