According to findings from recent school survey on career and life development, schools believe businesses’ involvement is essential to enhance and enrich youth’s career and life development as well as their education to employment journey.

Enterprise Advisors (“EA”) are the cornerstones of CLAP@JC Hong Kong Benchmarks (“HKBM”) for Career and Life Development (“CLD”) programme. EA is a group of like-minded voluntary business professionals who are passionate about young people’s development. EA work closely with secondary schools to contribute to the development of career and life development education and bring positive impact to our future talents.


Roles of Enterprise Advisor (EA)

Each EA will work closely with a secondary school on a 1:1 basis, with the aim to bring their business experience and professional networks to help schools in enhancing their CLD strategy as well as enriching youth’s CLD journey:

  • Support the development of the school’s strategic plan to ensure every student receives meaningful employer encounters and workplace experiences
  • Provide access to their local business networks and encourage more business involvement and engagement to support CLD curriculum
  • With the joint effort from matched schools, design employer engagement activities which are tailored to the needs of students, teachers and parents

Our Enterprise Advisors

Debbie Bailey headshot

Debbie Bailey

Founder Hospitality Impact Consulting Limited
Alan Chan headshot

Alan Chan

Client Service Lead, Smart City NCS
Jerry Chan headshot

Jerry Chan

Senior Project Officer VTC
Henry Cheng headshot

Henry Cheng

Director One Table Two Chairs Charitable Foundation
Ken Cheung headshot

Ken Cheung

Digital Director &
Tina Cheung headshot

Tina Cheung

Director, People Business Partner
Head of People
CBRE HK Limited
Jason Cheung headshot

Jason Cheung

Director Master Edutainment
Basil Cheung headshot

Basil Cheung

Marketing Director COMEDI Health Technology
Jem Choi headshot

Jem Choi

Marketing Director ARAL Holdings Limited
Terrence Chung headshot

Terrence Chung

Account Manager Kick Ads Limited
James Cunningham headshot

James Cunningham

Director of Sustainability and Business Development Speed Sourcing
Perkins Ho headshot

Perkins Ho

Senior Business Development Manager - Hong Kong and Taiwan Strategic Programs Amazon Web Services
Louis Hou headshot

Louis Hou

Head of Empower Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation Limited
Tammie Kwok headshot

Tammie Kwok

APAC Practice Manager JobsDB HK Limited - A subsidiary of
Fenix Lam headshot

Fenix Lam

Chairman Cloverland - Academy of True Happiness
Anthony Lau headshot

Anthony Lau

Manager Michael Page
Stephen Lau headshot

Stephen Lau

Senior Manager, Digital Engagement HSBC
Norna Lee headshot

Norna Lee

Associate Director BOCI
Susan Lee headshot

Susan Lee

Director of People & Culture – Team Experience Swire Hotels
Winnie Lee headshot

Winnie Lee

Career Coach
River Lin headshot

River Lin

Head (Human Resources) Utahloy Education Foundation
Jovian Ling headshot

Jovian Ling

Co-founder Set Sail Venture Limited
Wesley Ling headshot

Wesley Ling

Human Resources Director FundPark
Phoebe Luk headshot

Phoebe Luk

Evangelist Green Tomato Limited
Queenie Man headshot

Queenie Man

Founder & CEO
The Project Futurus /
Managing Director
Forward Living
Henry Poon headshot

Henry Poon

General Manager WCL Solution Limited
Kenneth Shek headshot

Kenneth Shek

Head of Projects Animoca Brands
Kyrus Siu headshot

Kyrus Siu

Director, Greater China The Social Investment Consultancy
Victor So headshot

Victor So

Director Nii Studio
Joey Sze headshot

Joey Sze

Alfred Tse headshot

Alfred Tse

Associate Director, People & Culture ISS Facility Services Limited
Henry Tung headshot

Henry Tung

Senior Unit Manager
Wealth Management Practitioner - Wealth Club
Prudential HK Limited
Alfred Wong headshot

Alfred Wong

Group Business Lead Johnson & Johnson (HK) Limited
Bibiann Wong headshot

Bibiann Wong

Founder & CEO BeKind Academy
Eric Wong headshot

Eric Wong

Head of Consumer Marsh (Hong Kong) Limited
Franky Wong headshot

Franky Wong

CEO Yello Sports Marketing
Geoffrey Wu headshot

Geoffrey Wu

General Manager & Pilot AerospaceTS
Vivian Yeung headshot

Vivian Yeung

Head - ESG Strategy Business Environment Council Limited

Welcome to be our Enterprise Advisor for Cohort 3 (Sep 2023 – Aug 2025) if you are:

  • Senior-level leaders / managements of the company / Professionals / Enterprises from different industry sectors and backgrounds (employed, self-employed / recently retired are all welcome)
  • Willing to contribute to youth development, career and life development provision, and are enthusiastic to bring a positive influence on students, teachers and parents
  • Strong in personal networks and have sound understanding of business world and labour market, willing to share connections and knowledge with school
  • Ready to spend around 3 hours per quarter in supporting school’s career and life development journey for 2 academic years