India update – Feb 2016

Generation India has started their first pilot in healthcare, training young people for roles as patient care assistants (PCAs), also called general duty assistants (GDAs)—roughly the equivalent of the certified nursing assistant (CNA) role supported by the Generation USA program.

One hundred percent of the graduates from the first two classes received job offers. Nurse supervisors are reporting several benefits from Generation graduates—namely improved quality and saved time for the nurses (30-60 minutes per shift). These benefits have led 70 percent of nurse supervisors to say they want to hire more Generation graduates.

Additionally, employers are reporting that Generation graduates display the following qualities:

  • Better patient care: 74 percent of nurses believe that quality of patient care has improved because of Generation PCAs
  • Better than other PCAs: 70 percent of nurses rated Generation PCAs better than non-Generation PCAs (97 percent of Generation PCAs were rated better than or at par with their peers)
  • Fast learners: Generation PCAs are performing 15 percent more activities in just one month’s time (covering 94 percent of all tasks performed)
  • High ownership of tasks: Generation PCAs managed 64 percent of tasks without supervision