The “Jockey Club CLAPTECH Pathway: Star” is a project under the Jockey Club Multiple Pathways initiative, which is planned and sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. It is co-created and launched by Generation Hong Kong, the Chinese YMCA College of Careers, CCC Kei Shun Special School, The CCC Mongkok Church Kai Oi School, TWGHs Tsui Tsin Tong School, and Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council (in no particular order).

Generation Hong Kong is holding the first “Robot Support Assistant” Employability Booster program in Hong Kong, which is designed for 18 to 29-year-old school leavers and the unemployed youth with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to provide full-time vocational training in “Robot Support Assistant” work. The course content is designed in collaboration with employers and professional partners, enabling students to acquire knowledge, skills, and operation of robot applications in a short period of time. At the same time, the course also aims to improve students’ behavioural skills and mindset, such as communication skills, problem-solving ability, interview skills, and building up their self-confidence. Upon graduation, learners will receive professional consultation and employment matching services based on their interests and abilities.

Program Details

Study period: 13 weeks 
Date: 5th August 2024
Time: Monday to Friday, 9:30 am  – 5:30 pm (1-hour lunch break)
Location: Tue – Thu: The Chinese YMCA College of Careers, located near Yau Ma Tei MTR Station
Mon & Fri: Tsuen Wan
Language: Chinese (Cantonese) and English
Fee: Free
Quota: 18 per cohort (Limited quota, requires passing a simple interview)
Certificate: Learners who completed the program and fulfil our requirement will receive a certificate issued by Generation Hong Kong, The Chinese YMCA College of Careers and University of Sunderland, Hong Kong Office.
Contact: 3500 7197 or WhatsApp

Note: *The program may adjust according to the pandemic development and the government health measures. We reserve the right to make the final decision.

Career Prospects

The “Robot Support Assistant” Employability Booster program is part of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust’s “Jockey Club CLAP-TECH Pathway: Star” initiative, and is designed in collaboration with employers and professional partners. The course aims to train students to master the most in-demand technology and professional skills in the industry, as well as to help students gain a thorough understanding of new trends in the industry’s future development and cultivate the correct behavioural skills and mindset. Graduates can play to their strengths in different positions.

Graduates will have a wide range of career options, such as Robot Controller, Robot QA Tester, Robot (SLAM) Assistant, Shopping Mall Robot Service Ambassador.

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Program Length

13 weeks

Monday to Friday, 7 hours per day

Program Content
  • Basic knowledge and application skills of operating robots
  • Robot operation map construction using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
  • Robot software testing
  • Understanding test case design
  • Occupational safety knowledge for robot operation
  • Career planning education - self-awareness and ability exploration
  • Workplace communication and collaboration skills
  • Communication skills and teamwork
  • Interview skills
  • Employment matching
  • Below General Education Course held and taught by YMCA COC
  • Language Skills for Business Context
  • Communication Skills
  • Office Skills
  • Business Environment
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    • The unemployed and school-leavers aged 18-29 with special educational needs (SEN)
    • Have basic self-care abilities
    • Basic computer and Windows system operation knowledge
    • Keen to start a full-time job immediately after completion of the training. Subject to getting a job offer, and will not take other full-time courses in the next 12 months
    • Legally permitted to work in Hong Kong
    • Passed the online test and interview

    Training Partners

    YMCA College Of Careers
    Generation Hong Kong


    C.C.C. Kei Shun Special School
    TWGHS Tsui Tsin Tong School
    C.C.C. Mongkok Church Kai Oi School


    Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council Ltd.



    About Preface
    Preface is an industry-leading EdTech company, empowering children, adults, corporates, and schools around the world with personalised tech education and experiences. Based in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London, Preface comprises award-winning programming platform Preface Coding and lifestyle concept space Preface Coffee & Wine. Together, the two branches of Preface seamlessly introduce tech knowledge and innovations into the daily lives of global learners.

    About Allround Care Services
    Social Enterprise provides consultancy and training services in the health care and social service sector of Hong Kong. We provide specialists and consultation services to industry leaders, e.g. TWGHs, Generation Hong Kong, Ocean Park, Hospital Authority, etc.









    Anthony Law
    Technical Instructor

    Mr. Anthony Law has 25 years of software development and management experience in the mobile application and financial technology industry. He founded a mobile gaming company 10 years ago, and was awarded the Best Digital Entertainment (Entertainment Software) Gold Award by the Hong Kong ICT Awards in 2012. He has developed the information infrastructure system for different enterprises, including the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, the MTR Corporation Limited, and the Civil Aviation Department. Anthony has extensive experience and an immense passion for educating young people with special educational needs (SEN). Since 2021, he has equipped many of his SEN students with the necessary workplace hard and soft skills to join the Tech industry and embark on a career journey that suits their interests and talents.

    Ricky Yip 
    Non-Technical Instructor

    Ricky is the founder of an enterprise in Hong Kong that provides consultation and training services for a wide variety of groups, including community development, elderly, youths, children and persons with Special Educational Needs. He has a broad sense and network in the government, social services, and business field and is experienced in engaging and collaborating with funding bodies and different NGOs in Hong Kong and worldwide, that help to foster the organization’s development, strengthen services’ support networks.

    Kent Mak 
    Technical Instructor

    Kent earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in Canada and Master’s degree in Intelligent Systems from Japan. His master thesis research examined the use of genetic algorithms for robotic arm trajectory planning. He has been keeping up with the latest development in robotics and artificial intelligence and is investigating the application of AI to improve students’ learning, including dyslexics. In his double role as a teacher, he has accumulated over one and a half decade of experience working with students ranging from infants to adults. His experience includes helping foreign students adapt to a new environment through language acquisition, developing learning strategies that help ADD/ADHD learners stay focused and using mindfulness for emotional self-control. Kent is a student of early-childhood education theories such as Reggio Emilio, meta-cognition, and emotional intelligence and multiple intelligence. He believes in the power of self-initiated learning, co-learning with students and promotes problem-solving through articulation and discussion.

    About the program

    Fully funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, who shares a common vision with Generation Hong Kong to equip disadvantaged young people with skills, knowledge and education for a productive future, Generation Hong Kong is partnering Training Institute, Industry Partners, and Secondary Schools to deliver a tailor-made program to support youth with Special Education Needs (SEN) into the role of Robot Support Assistant.

    The program will prepare SEN youth's skills, behaviour and mindset, so that they will be ready for the job. In addition, one-on-one mentoring will also be provided to improve their self-understanding and future career orientation.

    Skills Earned

    Technical Skills

    We’ll help you learn the technical skills with lots of hands-on, interactive sessions. By the end, you'll gain:

    • Basic operation, configuration, and application skills of Robots
    • Occupational safety knowledge for Robot operation
    • Function testing and application of Robots
    • Map construction for robot operation by SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

    Behavior & Mindsets

    In every job, there are key skills that will help you be successful. We'll help you learn:

    • Self-confidence
    • Self-efficacy
    • Social skills
    • Career aspirations
    • Problem solving skills
    • Team work
    • Time management


    We'll help you learn(Held and Taught by YMCA COC):

    • Language Skills for Business Context
    • Communication Skills
    • Office Skills
    • Business Environment


    In a world of job training programs, Generation takes a different approach to help you succeed. Generation instructors and mentors get to know each learner and are there with resources, tools, and information if a student encounters a barrier.


    The instructors and mentors at Generation aren't just teachers, they're coaches who stand by their learners through successes and challenges.

    Resume Building

    The right resume can open the door to new career opportunities. Generation learners will learn how to create a resume that showcases their skills and experiences.

    Interview Rehearsal

    By conducting mock interviews, then providing real-time feedback and coaching, the Generation team ensures that all graduates feel confident and prepared to interview.

    Employer sharing and field visit

    Our learners have the opportunity to communicate with employer partners to gain a comprehensive understanding of industry structure, company culture, job nature during the program, so that learners can develop their long-term career.

    Ongoing Support

    After graduation, mentors and instructors continue to check in with alumni, providing support with the job search and advice for continued success.

    Ongoing benefits of Generation


    Continued contact with the Generation graduate network


    Events and workshops to help you keep growing


    Become a mentor to help others


    Troubleshoot your job challenges