Customer Service Program

In 2017, Thomas decided not to continue his studies after four years of secondary school at Ning Po No. 2 College due to family reasons. In the year that followed, he spent his time volunteering, for instance by accompanying the elderly, organizing charity sales and supporting basketball tournaments, while trying to find a pathway to success. When Thomas heard about Generation X CLAP@JC program from a social worker, he felt that it was an opportunity to change his future and did not hesitate to sign up.

Besides acquiring customer service skills, I formed new friendships
“Besides acquiring knowledge on the customer service industry, I benefitted tremendously from the new friendships formed. I was able to befriend my course mates, as well as my instructor and mentors. This has made life so much more interesting!”

“In addition, other than course content, one of the biggest takeaways was to learn to ‘live life the way you want’ and not be affected by what others say. It is important to believe in ourselves. We should not give up in the face of criticism – and this applies whether we are in a customer service role or otherwise. We should stay true to ourselves, work hard and not give up on our goals!”

I hope my abilities will help me in my work and in my career development
After graduating from Generation X CLAP@JC Customer Service Program, Thomas was offered a job as a customer service assistant at AsiaWorld-Expo. “My short-term goal is to help exhibitions run smoothly. In the medium term, I would like to be able to share Hong Kong’s culture with visitors from different parts of the world. Ultimately, I aim to be a driving force behind the exhibitions scene in Hong Kong. I hope that my interpersonal skills and passion for helping others will be useful in my job at AsiaWorld-Expo, as well as in the future development of my career!”