Customer Service Program

Make a change to seize the opportunity
After graduation from secondary school, Carmen had an internship in a property management company in Mainland. She found her interest in the property management industry, but she worked in a cosmetics retailer after the internship as she was not given a chance to get into the industry. Later on, she lost her job due to the pandemic, which has given her a self-enhancement opportunity during unemployment. She enrolled in the Customer Service Program organized by Generation Hong Kong and CLAP@JC and became the learner of the 9th cohort. Upon completing the Program, Carmen is hired by JLL Hong Kong as a Customer Service Executive and now she works in Smart-Space, Cyberport.

From being lost to finding a clear path
Although Carmen has been working in the retail industry for years, she thinks that it is not sustainable for a long-term career path. “There is no prospective future at my work,” she said, feeling optimistic about her career prospects. Through the guidance and counseling by the instructors of the program organized by Generation X CLAP@JC, Carmen has found her career interest. On the other hand, the program enhanced Carmen’s confidence in working in the property management industry. “In contrast to the frustration I felt in my past job, my work now is much more satisfying and has broadened my horizon.” She further shares that her present work is to solve customers’ problems. Sometimes, being complimented by the customer brings her unprecedented satisfaction and pleasure.

Overcome fears of speaking in English with foreign customers
Dealing with foreign customers is inevitable in the customer service industry, therefore, language proficiency is of utmost importance. Role-play scenario training provided in the program helps her experience the potential problem she will encounter in the future and be well-prepared to speak in English. “I was literally a stammer when I spoke in English at the beginning of the course, but I can speak loudly and confidently by the end of the program,” she added. Carmen now is capable of handling complaints from foreign customers or complicated cases with calmness.

Instructors understand industry requirements and learners’ need
Carmen recalled how conscientious the instructors were. They worry about the way out of the learners even more than the learners themselves do. The program instructors have worked in the customer service industry for more than a decade. They fully understand not only the operation of the industry but also the challenges to be faced by the learners after entering the field. “Grace is a very serious and detail-minded instructor. She knows our thoughts very well and makes adjustments to the program content for us, hoping all of us could get into the field.”

In addition to the training provided by professional instructors, social workers serve as mentors for the learners, caring about the mental health of the learners. On-the-job support for six months is provided when the program is over to follow up on their working condition. Carmen and her mentor become friends and she shares interesting things about life and works with her mentor.

Carmen is glad that she has insisted on her choice and made a change. Here is the advice she makes to those that are having the same issue she once had. “You can always make your own way as long as you give it a try.”