Customer Service Program

In June 2018, Joey graduated from the Generation X CLAP@JC Customer Service Program cohort 2. She is currently employed as a guest relations ambassador at East Hotel.

Join Generation X CLAP@JC program for a chance to change your environment
“Having worked as a clerk in the media industry for several years, I have always wanted a change. Given the prospects of the hospitality industry, I was interested in exploring a career in guest services. However, I felt lost. There was no way of getting started as I was lacking in both my educational background as well as my English language skills. I also did not have a good understanding of the hospitality industry. Whenever I went for job interviews, I would be turned down as I lacked the necessary qualifications and work experience. Fortunately, I learnt about the Generation X CLAP@JC program and how it equips learners with industry knowledge as well as job interview skills. I immediately took the opportunity to sign up for the program.”

Learning more about the hospitality industry, as well as the skills and mindset needed for handling guests
“With the help of my instructor and course mates, I picked up the basics of the hospitality industry, as well as the skills and mindset needed for handling guests. It would not have been easy to step foot into the industry without attending the program. Even if I did, I would have felt overwhelmed.”

“During the program, we visited a hotel to learn more about its work environment. It was a valuable opportunity to be able to attend mock interviews and understand the different roles in a hotel. This made me feel less nervous before embarking on my career.”

“What stood out for me were the lessons on empathy. I never had to deal with customers in my clerical job, which was why I did not realise the importance of empathy. Fortunately, our instructor helped us see things from the customer’s perspective, and taught us to put ourselves in their shoes. I was able to put these lessons into good use upon entering the workforce. Our instructor also incorporated games into our lessons so that we could experience working together as a team while acquiring knowledge effectively. By immersing ourselves into different roles during role-playing sessions, we were able to sharpen our communication and service skills. These activities are unlike conventional teaching methods, and are definitely worth experiencing.”

A note to future participants: This program not only imparts skills, but guides you on the principles of life
“When I first joined the industry, I had no confidence. I was nervous about interacting with guests for fear of being teased. With the help of my colleagues, I was encouraged to speak, listen and learn actively – and I eventually succeeded! Even if you do not have the right academic qualifications or relevant work experiences, you can still remain competent as long as you possess soft skills and a positive attitude.”

“I would like to share with future participants that besides imparting skills and teaching you English, this program also guides you on the principles of life. It cultivates empathy and a growth mindset, and teaches you how to approach and interact with others. These skills will remain useful for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t feel qualified for a job in this industry, it is never too late to get started as long as you keep the passion.”