Digital Marketing Program

Jack graduated from the Generation X CLAP@JC Digital Marketing Program in September 2019. After completing the course, Jack landed a role in The Egg, a digital marketing agency, as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

The challenges of career change
As Jack was feeling optimistic about the hospitality industry, he initially pursued a Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Catering Management and a top-up degree. By picking up business and management concepts through the program, Jack wanted to be able to gain a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry before considering his career pathways. Jack eventually joined the hospitality industry as a housekeeper. However, he was unable to derive any job satisfaction after his two years of service, and found little meaning in his work. Jack thus decided that it was time for a career change, and ultimately resigned.

Having decided to start afresh, Jack recalled that he was interested in technology and digital marketing during his secondary school years. He did make good use of his time after graduating from secondary school by learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web design on his own. This inspired Jack to explore a career in digital marketing. “I did not really have an edge over the competition nor was I 100% confident compared to job applicants with more relevant qualifications and work experiences,” Jack admits. He thus decided to upgrade his skills when he came across the Digital Marketing Program by Generation x CLAP@JC, before applying for a job.

Benefitting from the program
For Jack, undergoing an 8-week, full-time program required much sacrifice. He also admits that it was a struggle for him before going through the program. Fortunately, he gained a lot from the course, and was able to pick up industry knowledge and practical skills such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Excel skills effectively. “The instructors would prepare various class exercises and course materials, and their dedication shows,” Jack says. “They were also willing to take any questions and share their industry experiences with us. Beyond theory, the program also offers project work opportunities, which enabled us to apply our knowledge and improve on our presentation skills. I found the role-playing aspects particularly useful, as we had to take turns playing the role of the client, and pose questions to presenting teams. That taught us to view things from a different perspective and helped us develop better solutions.”

The participation of employers in the program also gave Jack a better understanding of the industry as a whole, as well as a provided greater clarity on his personal goals. “Through employer visits and sharing sessions, I was able to interact with people from the industry and learn more about each company’s work environment and culture. Taking everything into account, I was able to identify the companies and positions that I would be most suited for,” Jack elaborates. “If I had not participated in this program, my job search process would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack aimlessly. I would only be able to rely on relatively one-sided reviews of companies on the Internet, and definitely would not be able to conclude if a company was suitable for me. This program gave me a huge boost of confidence in my career change, and gave me the courage to take a big leap forward!”

Jack is also delighted to have found a group of like-minded friends through the program. Besides working together to prepare group presentations during the course, they also helped one another understand topics that they struggled with. They also continued to encourage one another even when faced with setbacks during the job search process. All of them have since landed a job they like, but still keep in touch to share tips and work experiences. “It is great to see a class of students encouraging and learning from one another, and making progress together!”

Future goals
Even though Jack lacked the relevant qualifications and work experience initially, he was able to successfully make a career switch out of the hospitality industry. Through the Generation X CLAP@JC program, he was able to join a digital marketing company of choice. When asked about his future plans, Jack shares, “Digital marketing is an area that I am interested in and passionate about! I hope to continue to work in this industry, be exposed to more areas of work and gain more experience!”