Junior Data Engineer Program

Do you want to launch your career in TECH? Join our program to become a JUNIOR DATA ENGINEER!

Data is one of the fastest growing areas in TECH. With career paths leading to AI, machine learning and Big Data, now is a great time to join this sector. On this free 12-week bootcamp-style program, we will provide you with the perfect launchpad and train you to master computer programming skills, as well as the employability skills that help you reach your potential. Graduates will obtain our latest career market update and professional advice.

Program Details

Study period: 12 weeks
Date: 12/08/2024 – 06/11/2024
Time: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (1 hour for lunch)
Location: Online and Offline (Unit 1A-B, 2/F, Millennium Trade Centre, 56 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories)
Languages: Chinese (Cantonese) and English
Fee: Free
Quota: 30
Certificate: Learners who completed the program will receive a certificate issued jointly by the training service provider
Enquiry: Hotline – 9477 6804
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*The program may adjust according to the pandemic development and the government health measures. We will reserve the rights to make a final decision, thank you for your understanding.

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Career Prospects

The Junior Data Engineer Program is designed in consultation with employers that trains you to gain the most in-demand skills for the industry, develops your positive behavioral skills and mindset, and helps you to understand the career path and prospects of the industry.

Graduates will have a wide range of career options, such as: Software Developer, Junior Data Analyst, Data Development and Management Specialist, Programmer.

Program Length

12 weeks

Monday to Friday, 7 hours per day

Ratio of Learning Hours
Program Content
  • Data Pipelines, Data Scraping
  • Processing and Analysis, Analytic Tools
  • Data Visualisation
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Azure
  • Agile
  • Pandas
  • PowerBI
  • Let’s get started!

    1. 1


      Complete the online form and test to let us know more about your:
      ‧ Linguistic competence in both Chinese and English
      ‧ Basic computer/technology knowledge
      ‧ Knowledge of computer programming
      ‧ Knowledge of the Big Data industry
      ‧ Willingness to learn
      Apply Now!

    2. 2


      We will meet to get to know more about your:

      ‧ Prerequisites for learning behavioral skills and mindsets
      ‧ Determination to become a Big Data professional
      ‧ Willingness to learn
      ‧ Career expectation

      And go through the program details.

    3. 3

      Skill Test

      You will complete an online programming course and test.

    4. 4

      Class Begins

      You will meet your instructor and mentors to learn about the program schedule in the coming weeks and get to know your classmates. Every day you will learn new skills to gear up yourself!


    • Aged 18-29 and be passionate about an entry-level job in the Big Data industry
      (early admission scheme for non-degree graduate learner)
    • Good command in both of Chinese and English
    • Keen to start a full time job immediately after completion of the program
    • Basic computer and programming knowledge
      *(Complete the free Udacity Introduction to Python to gain these)
    • Interested in data research, willing to learn new tools
    • Strong logical thinking ability, good at defining and clarifying key points
    • Legally permitted to work in Hong Kong
    • Passed the online test and interview


    Generation HK Supporters

    Employer Partners

    The following employer partners will provide job interview opportunities for our graduates:
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    About Generation X CLAP@JC programs

    CLAP@JC X Generation is an innovative youth initiative co-created by CLAP@JC and Generation Hong Kong. Through offering free training programs, we aim to upskill you to embrace the challenges of todays’ competitive job market and attain long-term career development opportunities.

    Currently we offer 5- to 12-week full-time programs related to popular industries including customer service, digital marketing, junior data engineer and front-end web developer, which consist of innovative boot-camp style training that emphasizes important skills for a role.

    The integrated curriculum, which is designed in consultation with employers, combines technical, behavioral skills and mindsets; participants receive mentorship support; and you are taught how to build a new type of CV, “CV360”, that showcases your values, attitudes, skills and knowledge (VASK) articulated from your work and personal experience, allowing employers to understand your interests and potentials. Graduates will obtain our latest career market update and professional advice. At the end of the programs, employer partners will offer graduates job interview opportunities.

    Our learners find it a worthy experience in joining the program which benefits their career and life development. Come join us!

    Skills Earned

    Technical Skills

    We'll help you learn the technical skills with lots of hands-on, interactive sessions. By the end, you'll know:

    • Introduction to data engineering and the data engineer role
    • Data Management Platforms (Database design and Usages of Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Azure)
    • Programming Languages (Intermediate Python, SQL)
    • Developing Data Pipeline
    • Data Analysis and Visualization (PowerBI)
    • Testing Cycles, Approach and Test Case Design
    • Project Management Basics (Agile)

    Don't worry if some of these technical skills aren't familiar to you — you'll learn and apply the skills in the program.

    Behavior & Mindsets

    In every job, there are key skills that will help you be successful. We'll help you learn:

    • Problem solving skill
    • Teamwork
    • Stress management


    In a world of job training programs, Generation takes a different approach to help you succeed. Generation instructors and mentors get to know each learner and are there with resources, tools, and information if a student encounters a barrier.


    The instructors and mentors at Generation aren't just teachers, they're coaches who stand by their learners through successes and challenges.

    Resume Building

    The right resume can open the door to new career opportunities. Generation learners will learn how to create a resume that showcases their skills and experiences.

    Interview Rehearsal

    By conducting mock interviews, then providing real-time feedback and coaching, the Generation team ensures that all graduates feel confident and prepared to interview.

    Employer sharing and field visit

    Our learners have the opportunity to communicate with employer partners to gain a comprehensive understanding of industry structure, company culture, job nature during the program, so that learners can develop their long-term career.

    Ongoing Support

    After graduation, mentors and instructors continue to check in with alumni, providing support with the job search and advice for continued success.

    Ongoing benefits of Generation


    Continued contact with the Generation graduate network


    Events and workshops to help you keep growing


    Become a mentor to help others


    Troubleshoot your job challenges