Minikay | Digital Marketing Program

A Career in Film & Television Halted

After four years of education at the Nanjing University of the Arts Minikay landed her first job in television. It was low-paying but it was a start. She also continued her education in the field with the hope of landing a traditional role in film and television. However, just as she was getting her start, the COVID pandemic hit and devastated the film and television industry. “There were no relevant jobs available,” she told us. “The whole industry came to a complete halt.”

Seeking to Upskill Herself

During the pandemic, Minikay turned to freelance video editing gigs for income. They were often for social media posts and online ads. While she really liked the work, the instability of the freelance world felt unsustainable. Minikay wanted to grow in the marketing space but struggled to bridge the gap between contract work and a full-time career.

She realized that she needed more digital and marketing skills to truly grow in the advertising and social media world which she had begun to work in. “Without these digital skills, I felt a sense of urgency, fearing that I could be easily replaced.”

Seeking to upskill herself, Minikay found Generation Hong Kong. She gained the core skills in digital marketing she was lacking to fuel her new career path, as well as a strong community and support for her job search from mentors. More than just equipping her with hard skills, “Generation boosted my self-confidence,” she told us.

Minikay particularly appreciated the personal connection to industry leaders through the Generation program. “My mentor was a senior member in the digital marketing industry. Even though he had a busy schedule, he followed up with me every two weeks or so, even after the programme ended.”

Launching a New Career in Digital Marketing

Generation connected her with job interviews and she was gainfully employed in a full time position not long after graduating from the program. “I received an offer straight after the interview, which is not common. I thought Generation would just equip me with the necessary skills. I never thought it would lead me to a job that suited me so well,” she told us. 

The career she had hoped for when joining Generation has already grown substantially. When we initially spoke to her in the late fall of 2023, Minikay served as Marketing Manager at Look4kol, a start-up marketing company. She recently transitioned to a higher-level role as a Senior Product & Operations Specialist at The Goat Agency, an international social media creative agency out of London.

“Generation’s program has been instrumental in my career transition.”